On time, every time, & safely.

Perth’s Newest On-Demand Transport Provider

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SHOFER operates in Perth, Western Australia

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Your friend will receive a text, email or Facebook message containing a 25% off first use promo code for them to use. Upon activating their ride, you’ll receive an email containing a 20% off promo code. You are welcome to share our app as often as you like, and will receive individual codes each time. However, promo codes cannot be stacked. Promo codes and first ride vouchers are not permitted for usage on pre-booked fares. They can only be used with our on-demand service. Your referred voucher can only be redeemed once your friend has used their first SHOFER ride.




Treat you right.

For too long, the people of Perth haven’t been treated right. We’ve heard your stories, stories of being disappointed with how things were.

Enough is enough. It’s time Perth was treated right. Enter SHOFER.

Perth’s newest on demand transport service like you’ve never seen before.

With your choice of female or male driver, low cost; upfront; agreed fixed fares and routes, and with technology to support your in -car experience, SHOFER will deliver you on time, every time, and safely.


ALL SHOFER cars are fitted with an Inter-Lock Breathalyzer so you can be sure your SHOFER driver is not affected by alcohol. We’re also environmentally responsible operating a fleet of hHybrid Toyota Camrys.


The SHOFER in-built ALERT button allows you to alert us should something not be right. Your safety is supported by our professionally staffed 24/7 control room.

SHOFER. The smartest way to safely commute across the city.

The shofer app connects commuters and drivers and delivers them to their destinations safely and effectively.
Leave your keys at home this weekend and let us Shofer you wherever you need to be.



Ever been caught paying more for your ride than expected?
With Shofer, our rates are fixed, so you’ll know the total cost of your ride before you get into the car. Expect no surge pricing, no matter what.


Let us Shofer you wherever you need to be this week. Simply download the free app and request your ride.

Drive with us.

You can earn a good income working for SHOFER, Perth’s newest on demand transport service.

We’ll help you stand out from the competition with technology that benefits you and your customer, making it easy to treat people right. Learn more today by signing up here.

SHOFER is an Australian tax compliant business.

Ride with us.

SHOFER brings to Perth on demand transport never seen before.

• Your choice of a female or male driver
• Low cost upfront agreed fares before you start your journey
• Agreed routes to maximize your time




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